2019 BMW 3 Series spy shots reveal production lights, new interior details

5 years, 3 months ago - 18 October 2017, Autoblog
2019 BMW 3 Series spy shots reveal production lights, new interior details
It has been about a year since we last got a good look at the next-generation BMW 3 Series. Though at first glance, there don't appear to be major changes, looking closer reveals several fresh details that look production-ready.

Among them are complete, production headlights and taillights, and an interior that has seen several significant revisions.

Starting at the front, the generic projector behind plastic has made way for a finished unit. It appears to be taller and bolder than the current model, matching the larger grilles. The overall look is much like that of the recently redesigned 5 Series. Though we can't see many of the fine details, we can see some hexagonal projector lenses in the midst of the swirly camouflage. The case is similar with the taillights. But we can tell one big difference. Unlike the current all-red lights, it appears these new lights will have large white sections, undoubtedly for turn signals and/or reverse lights.

Inside, several features have progressed significantly since we last saw them. The biggest change is that the infotainment system no longer sticks up from the dashboard. It's now integrated with the dash, and it appears to flow into the instrument panel, which looks to be fully digital on this car. Just below that are very slim air vents with a semi-hexagonal design, which are much more stylish than the plain rectangular units on the previous prototype and current 3 Series. The area for additional buttons also appears smaller, and there are no knobs in sight.

We've previously reported that the 3 Series will probably make its debut next year. As such it will likely be a 2019 model.

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