2019 Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Opel Combo Vans Revealed

4 years, 8 months ago - 30 June 2018, motor1
2019 Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Opel Combo Vans Revealed
After unveiling the family-oriented Peugeot Partner, Citroën Berlingo, and the Opel Combo Life several months ago, the PSA Group is now introducing their more utilitarian counterparts.

The three light commercial vehicles are embracing a new generation bringing some pretty big design changes inside and out, along with more practicality than ever before.

Starting off with the Peugeot Partner, it gets the company's i-Cockpit adapted for LCVs and aims to offer superior visibility thanks to a camera at the base of the passenger side mirror and another one at the top of the rear doors. The footage grabbed by the pair of cameras is shown on a five-inch screen positioned where the interior rearview mirror usually sits.

The 2019 Partner features something called an overload alert, which refers to a white LED that lights up once 90 percent of the total load capacity is reached. Should the maximum authorized load be exceeded, a yellow LED is automatically activated and is accompanied by a visual warning on the dashboard.

The standard 4.4-meter-long Partner offers a usable length of 1.81 meters, but if you need more, the 4.75-meter-long variant has a usable length of 2.16 meters. Payload varies between 650 and 1,000 kilograms depending on version, while the most efficient versions of the Partner can carry as much as 600 kg.

Peugeot will have the revamped Partner on sale in international markets from November.

Moving on to its French cousin, the new Citroën Berlingo has reached its third generation and unsurprisingly it's offered in exact same length versions (M and XL). Maximum payload stands at 1,000 kg and there are "Worker" and "Driver" versions featuring different ground clearances, equipment levels, and engine protection. Depending on what you need, there's a Crew Cab model with up to five passengers on both front and rear seats along with an Extenso Cab accommodating three people in the first row.

With up to 20 driver assistance systems available, the Berlingo is safer than ever before and also comes with an overload indicator like the Partner. Tech features include everything from adaptive cruise control (with stop function) to a color head-up display, while wireless smartphone charging and grip control are also available.

The company with the double chevron logo is already taking orders for the 2019 Berlingo and will launch it towards the end of the year.

As far as the Opel Combo is concerned, the fifth generation gets the same regular and long versions as the other two PSA vans, and an identical maximum payload of 1,000 kg. That handy overload indicator is also available, as is an array of safety tech and driver assistance systems.

As it's the case with the equivalent Peugeot and Citroën vans, the new Combo also gets a pair of rearview cameras mounted in the same location to improve visibility and reduce the risk of an impact while reversing. At an additional cost, Opel will sell its new LCV with an optional roof hatch for extra practicality.

Sales of the fifth-generation Opel Combo are slated to kick off in September when the LCV will receive its proper debut at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover.

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