2021 Citroen C4 Revealed to Be Electric, Brings New Design to the Range

2 years, 5 months ago - 17 June 2020, autoevolution
2021 Citroen C4 Revealed to Be Electric, Brings New Design to the Range
Of all the carmakers out there, Citroen is historically one of the most innovative in terms of design. The imagination of the French knew few boundaries over the years, and this is how we ended up with things like DS, SM, or the more recent Cactus.

Never keen on standing too much in the same place, Citroen had also experimented with new lines and curves, and just when you thought they finally found a long-lasting recipe, they're at it again: there's a new era in Citroen styling coming, and the new C4 in the gallery above is its herald.

Introduced as the successor of the rather odd Xsara in 2004, the C4 is now on the market only as the Cactus crossover, and the new compact hatch with crossover aspirations seen here is its offspring.

This week, the French previewed what we are to expect from the new C4 in the few images we have in the gallery above. We are told to expect a "unique and bold identity" and of course an electric powertrain.

That's right, the nameplate is going electric, and will offer zero emissions mobility by means of a powertrain that is yet to be detailed, in addition to the existing ICE-powered models.

"Compact hatchbacks remain an important part of the European car market, accounting for nearly 28% of C-segment sales in 2019. New ë-C4 and New C4 tick all the boxes in this competitive segment, while offering a modern and characterful new design concept as an integral part of the product offering," said the French in a statement.

"Citroën's new-generation compact hatchback is inspired by its customers and the way they experience their cars. The 100% electric New ë-C4 and New C4 have all the qualities needed to shake up a segment that is having to reinvent itself. For Citroën, that means offering an all-new silhouette with a choice of 100% electric, petrol or Diesel power."

All the details on the new C4 will be unveiled on June 30.

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