Alpine Working On Porsche Macan Rival

5 years, 6 months ago - 20 July 2017, motor1
Alpine Working On Porsche Macan Rival
The model will be aimed against the premium sporty SUVs.

We have been talking about it for quite some time, but now it seems the rumors will be be confirmed: the revived Alpine brand would indeed be releasing an SUV, according to British publication AutoExpress. With the new A110 coupe already revealed and going on sale soon, the next step in the evolution of the sports marque owned by Renault is the development of a family utility vehicle.

And the Porsche Macan is undoubtedly the best example of the path the French manufacturer wants to follow. Why, you might ask? Because of its sports image and its status of a best-selling vehicle in the German company's range, which allows Porsche to make big profits. See, the Alpine A110 will be the pinnacle of Alpine, but the future SUV will be the cash cow.

The big advantage for the engineers of the French company is that they won't have to start the project from the scratch. On one side we will find a design very similar to that of the A110 sports car, and on the other hand, mechanically, Renault and Nissan SUVs are quite a good starting point.

The most important task for the developers will be to make this new SUV a real Alpine, with the sports genes that this name implies. The manufacturer will therefore go hunting for some extra weight loss and will implement systems like a four-wheel steering so that the performance on the road remains unrivaled.

We can already imagine that under the hood of the SUV Alpine will install its 1.8-liter turbo engine also used in the A110. In this application, it should deliver somewhere in the region of 300 horsepower, sent to all four wheels for better traction.

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