Australia Makes A Cool Camper Van With Pop-Out Bed Tent

3 years, 9 months ago - 15 August 2019, motor1
Australia Makes A Cool Camper Van With Pop-Out Bed Tent
I frees up space inside.

One of the keys to motorhomes and RVs is space utilization. Beds, kitchen, seating, and additional on-the-go necessities can occupy a considerable amount of room without proper forethought. Campers on the small side struggle to fit everything inside that one would expect. However, Bus 4x4, an Australian company, has a neat tent solution for vans – a pop-out bed tent.

The tent is placed at the rear of the camper where the hatch is located, but it doesn't replace it. Instead, you open the hatch and fold down the tent floor that extends behind the van, providing additional space for sleeping without compromising the already limited space inside. Once the tent is lowered, you can attach it to the raised hatch with plastic buckles, and you're all set. Putting the tent away is the same process, but in reverse – and there are latches available to keep the tent upright when opening and closing the hatch.

It's an ingenious system without compromising interior living space. In the video above, Bus 4x4 took a 2013 Toyota Hiace Van and converted it into a camper van. Inside the Toyota, there's space for a kitchen sink and burner, a fridge, TV with a DVD player, and much more. The camper can also feature solar panels and a battery management system, water tanks, awning, and more.

No, Bus 4x4's camper van and pop-out bed tent aren't going to get you and your gaggle of friends to your weekend hideaway; however, it could be the perfect getaway-mobile if you and friend want to go for an adventure. Every month there's a new company with a cool and ingenious new product or feature that brings camping to the masses in one form or another. While we marvel at the high-end luxury motorhomes, setups like these are a reminder you don't have to spend a lot of money to get away from the craziness that is life.

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