First-Ever Transport Of Teslas From China Reaches Europe

1 year, 12 months ago - 1 December 2020, insideEVs
First-Ever Transport Of Teslas From China Reaches Europe
December should be a pretty strong month for Tesla deliveries in Europe.

November 26 - the first-ever transport of China-made Tesla cars reached the European port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, a month after they departed Shanghai on October 27.

The Toscana ship is now unloading several thousand MIC Model 3 (reportedly Standard Range Plus with CATL's LFP batteries). The total number of cars might be 5,000-5,500 (some sources reports 7,000, but Morten Grove - Tesla-Ships Tracker - doubts it would be physically possible).

The cool things is that at the same time, there is also the Grand Aurora ship in the port, unloading Tesla cars from San Francisco:

The first transport from China, the first time with two transports at once, and the first batch of cars with LFP batteries. History is happening before our eyes.

In other words, thousands of new Tesla cars are now starting their final journey to customers in Europe. It will probably not change the November result much, but December should be really strong.

We expect a decent five-digit number of new registrations/sales next month.

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