Honda made gold NSX, Civic Type R, lawnmower, generator for its 50th anniversary in Australia

3 years, 8 months ago - 5 February 2019, Autoblog
Honda made gold NSX, Civic Type R, lawnmower, generator for its 50th anniversary in Australia
And a kids' bike, and an enduro, and a supersport

February 4, 2019, marks exactly 50 years since Honda set up shop in Australia. To commemorate entering the golden anniversary, Honda unveiled an entire lineup of gold-colored products, ranging from the Civic Type R to a generator.

All said, Honda covered seven different things in gold to create a visual representation of the many performance power products the company builds. In addition to the Type R, there is an NSX (it's a Honda overseas), a CBR1000RR supersport motorcycle, a CRF450L enduro bike, a CRF50F kids' off-road motorcycle, an HRU19 Buffalo Premium lawnmower, and an EU22i generator. We're not flashy people, but we never knew how badly we wanted a gold lawnmower and generator until now.

Unfortunately, this is a lineup of one-offs not to be sold to the public. Further demarcating the significant event is a smoothly designed "50 Years in Australia" decal seen on the products. On the Type R, it is on the black rear wing, on the window vent on the NSX, and on the body panels on the rest of the products.

The Type R particularly stands out, as in the U.S., Honda has only offered the hot hatch in relatively muted colors. There are grays, white, black, and even the blue and red are deep hues rather than bright and vibrant paint schemes. Seeing it in this type of bright gold is a treat and somehow works extremely well with the design.

Honda went out-of-house for these special vehicles, sourcing a Melbourne company called Vinyl Wraps and Graphics. Honda says the look is created with a gold chrome layer first, followed by a clear satin film to dampen the shininess. Furthermore, certain pieces were wrapped in satin black, such as the badges and wheels on the NSX.

Although these aren't for sale, it's good to know they wouldn't be particularly difficult to replicate. How much do vinyl wraps cost again?

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