Hyundai Staria Minivan Extended Video Shows Its Many Neat Features

2 years, 1 month ago - 21 April 2021, motor1
Hyundai Staria Minivan Extended Video Shows Its Many Neat Features
Did someone say spaceship?

Minivans are a very interesting topic in the automotive space. While these vehicles are often thought of as family-oriented people carriers, they are becoming increasingly luxurious. Motorgraph World’s recent YouTube video showcases the latest Hyundai Staria and its plethora of luxury accommodations.

Starting from the outside, the Staria brings a very unique aesthetic to the table. Aside from the chunky body lines, there are simple design cues that deliver a big visual impact. The front fascia features a massive lightbar – used as a daytime running light – that sits above the primary front grille, which houses the headlights and miscellaneous front-end components.

While the exterior is striking, it’s clear that the party piece of this beast is the interior. If it wasn’t apparent already, this vehicle isn’t your average minivan. The cockpit features a fully digital dashboard and infotainment system along with touch-sensitive buttons. We’d wager that some customers might have a bee in their bonnet about the lack of mechanical feedback, but for some, the visual impact might outweigh the minor headache.

Rear occupants will be happy to know that Hyundai didn’t forget about them. A people carrier through and through, the Lounge model of the Staria can comfortably seat nine passengers. The second row of seats can also rotate 180-degrees to face the third row – although this probably isn’t advisable for those who are prone to motion sickness.

Sure, the Staria isn’t the most luxurious minivan in the world, but it appears to tick all of the right boxes. While it won't be available in the United States and real-world testing remains to be seen, we’d wager that Hyundai’s latest offering could be a big hit for those lucky enough to sample it.

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