Man Gets Hit By Bus, Calmly Walks Away Like Nothing Happened

5 years, 3 months ago - 3 July 2017, Autoblog
Man Gets Hit By Bus, Calmly Walks Away Like Nothing Happened
How lucky is this guy to be alive?

Harrowing CCTV footage has emerged showing a man getting knocked down by a double-decker bus in the UK. After mounting the sidewalk on a street in Reading, the bus struck Simon Smith from behind, throwing him 45 feet and showering him with debris. Watching the footage, you would think Smith had sustained serious injuries – particularly as his head shattered the windshield on impact. Instead, he immediately stood up, dusted himself down and walked into the nearest bar like nothing happened.

According to The Sun, Smith walked away with only minor cuts and injuries and was treated at a local hospital. Even police refused to believe the man survived getting hit by a double-decker bus with only minor injuries, despite being conscious throughout the ordeal. "Originally they were all in agreement because if I had been hit by the bus, I wouldn't be here," Smith told The Sun.

"I said 'I'm sure the bus hit me' and they kept saying 'No you were hit by debris'.
"An officer then saw the CCTV at the pub and came back and said 'I'm really sorry you were right'." Despite how it looks in the footage, Smith's first thought wasn't to grab a beer after getting hit by the bus – he just happened to enter the pub while looking for a place of refuge. He did, however, have a pint after being discharged from hospital. We think he deserved it, somehow. Police are still investigating what caused the bus to lose control, but no arrests were made.

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