Multy Rack Lets Trucks Haul Toys Without Needing A Trailer

3 years, 5 months ago - 21 October 2019, motor1
Multy Rack Lets Trucks Haul Toys Without Needing A Trailer
A winch lifts and lowers your stuff into place.

The Multy is a new pickup rack system that uses a winch to haul things like side-by-side vehicles or personal watercraft into a spot above the truck's cargo bed. This setup would eliminate needing to tow a trailer to carry these machines. It debuts at the 2019 SEMA Show on November 5.

The Multy rack uses high-grade aluminum with CNC jointing, and the company welds each one by hand. The structure allegedly sits in such a way that the weight of the load goes on the truck's frame, rather than on the rails of the cargo box. Removable bars extend the Multy rack to the ground, and then the winch can lower whatever is above the bed.

"How do we save time loading for the user, and make it function as safely as possible? The answer is a lightweight system that loads on the ground, assembles and dissembles in less than 20 minutes into your truck, and can easily be handled by one person," Jeff Smith, one of the partners in the company, said in the announcement for bringing the Multy to SEMA. The rack system is capable of adjusting to any make or model of pickup.

Multy doesn't offer details like the rack's price or how much weight it can hold. has reached out to the company for this info.

There will be lots of pickups at SEMA this year. Ram will have at least two concepts to show off. Plus, Ford will have lots of overlanding-ready trucks on display to highlight how folks will be able to take the trucks on adventures.

MULTY Rack Systems from MULTY on Vimeo.

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