Namx HUV is 542bhp FCEV with swappable hydrogen tanks

2 years ago - 13 May 2022, autocar
Namx HUV is 542bhp FCEV with swappable hydrogen tanks
Pininfarina-designed SUV is partially powered by six removable capsules and has a claimed 500-mile range

Afro-European technology firm Namx has revealed a new hydrogen-powered SUV that breaks with fuel cell convention in featuring six individual hydrogen capsules that can be swapped out to speed up fuel stops.  

Called the HUV, it is claimed to be able to achieve a range of almost 500 miles. Along with the capsules, it is also fitted with a fixed hydrogen tank and together they power either a top-of-the-range 542bhp or entry-level 296bhp electric motor.

It has been created in partnership with Italian design firm Pininfarina and both say the SUV will “pave the way” for more sustainable hydrogen car use, with the potential for capsules to be exchanged for full ones as part of an on-demand service.

Scheduled to be released at the end of 2025, it will be available in either top-spec four-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive forms.

The firms say prices for the HUV will start at €65,000 (£55,640) but could rise to as high as €95,000 (£81,315), depending on options.

It will be officially revealed at the Paris motor show later this year. Orders are already open.

Namx co-founder Thomas de Lussac said the bulky design of the HUV was based on science fiction and muscle cars from the 1950s and 1960s. 

This inspired him to create a car that goes against the current, smooth, conventional design of electric cars,” the firm said.

Namx president Faouzi Annajah said: "Our double ambition is to become a new reference in the world of zero-emission cars, and to constantly explore new territories to facilitate mobility of our consumers.”

Pininfarina president Paolo Pininfarina added: "Pininfarina is not only about pure design and style. It is also about innovation, user experience and bringing to life our vision of a sustainable future. The Namx HUV is simply at the heart of our DNA: inventing the best driving experience to infinite mobility, with style.”

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