New SEAT Leon Integrates Blind Spot Warning In The Ambient Lighting

3 years ago - 2 February 2020, motor1
New SEAT Leon Integrates Blind Spot Warning In The Ambient Lighting
Strangely enough, the new VW Golf doesn't have that function.

There's a pretty new SEAT Leon out and it's safe to say it's the company's most technologically advanced, safest, and most connected vehicle to date. With a wide array of safety and driver assistance systems available, the new iteration of the automaker's best-seller is making waves and it turns out it features an advanced ambient lighting system that's not offered even in the mechanically-related new Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavia.

If you take a look at the photo at the top of this page, you'll see it depicts the point where the driver's door of the new Leon (assuming it's an LHD vehicle) meets the dashboard and the A-pillar. There's an ambient light strip that covers the entire width of the dashboard and continues through the door panels to create a beautiful wraparound visual effect.

More importantly, it's not only an ambient decorative light. The yellow section of the strip also acts as a warning indication for some of the car's assist functions, including blind spot detection, lane change assist, and exit assist. Neat!

It's important to note that the smart ambient lighting comes as standard from the Xcellence trim level to bring "a distinct personality to the Leon's cabin." SEAT explains that the lighting arc changes its color depending on the needs. For example, if you've just started the engine, you'll be welcomed with softer colors, while shifting to Sport mode will bring brighter tones.

Interestingly, even the range-topping Volkswagen Golf 8 doesn't come with the same smart function, which is surprising given the shared electrical architecture between the two compact segment models. The German hatch relies on a more conventional layout where the warning LED indicator is located inside the mirror housing caps. It's the same thing in the new Skoda Octavia (.

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