Peugeot Ion Gets Kitchen In The Trunk Is Ultra-Tiny Rv Ev

5 years ago - 13 March 2018, motor1
Peugeot Ion Gets Kitchen In The Trunk Is Ultra-Tiny Rv Ev
An open flame in the trunk, what could go wrong?

As the old axiom goes: where there's a will, there's a way. While converting the tiny trunk of a Peugeot  Ion into a functional kitchen doesn't immediately make sense to us, the host of YouTube channel Kiwi EV Adventures sees it as a necessity. He takes on the challenge of fitting a sink, prep area, cooktop, and refrigerator into the tight area.

The difficult undertaking requires lots of preparation. The builder starts out using cardboard to figure out the basic shape of the countertop and then cuts the design out of plywood. The situation gets more challenging when the time comes to incorporate cabinets because the trunk opening's complex curves and small area don't leave much room to incorporate them.

Kiwi EV Adventures makes the odd decision to incorporate a gas camping stove into the back, though. Both for safety's sake and as a better way to fit with EV aesthetic, an induction cooktop seems like a much better choice. They're only a little more expensive but come with the advantage of not having an open flame in the back of the car, which seems dangerous.

Incorporating the sink requires some clever engineering. The host cuts the bottom out of a common metal bowl and fits a waste water tank underneath. A separate reservoir supplies the fresh water for washing off food.

The little refrigerator also looks almost comically small with barely enough room for more than a couple cans of soda. Given the limited room, it would be hard to fit anything bigger, though. Perhaps there's room in the cabin for a cooler for keeping more items on ice.

The result of this hard work appears to be a decent tailgating rig. It's not robust enough to allow for living in the wilderness but would likely be perfect for overnight camping. Kiwi EV Adventures would probably have to go with a buddy, though, because his Ion doesn't appear to have room to haul the necessary tent and sleeping bag after installing a kitchen in the back of the EV.

If Kiwi EV Adventures looks to upgrade, the Nissan E-NV200 can make for quite a nice electric camper, too, and there's even room to sleep inside.

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