Rimac Will Crash Test Over $60 Million Worth Of C_Two Hypercars

4 years ago - 18 March 2019, CarBuzz
Rimac Will Crash Test Over $60 Million Worth Of C_Two Hypercars
Money down the drain (or into a wall)?

The 1,073-hp Rimac C_Two hypercar returned to Geneva last week following its global debut in 2018 and Mate Rimac told us the production-ready version will arrive at next year's Swiss show. The all-electric hypercar's official name will also be announced at around that time.

For now, development continues on the Croatian company's second model and it's a huge undertaking. One of the biggest things the C_Two will be put through is crash tests that, at first thought, sound fairly standard. It's anything but.

"So listen to this," Rimac said. "The small OEMs do maybe one or two prototypes. We are doing 30. Most of them are going to be crashed. We wanted to do this properly like a big car company. Most of them will be crashed several times."

This got us thinking. If the projected price tag for each new C_Two is around $2.1 million than up to $63 million worth of cars could be crashed when all is said and done. All told, 150 examples will reach production but Rimac will build 180. Thirty will be slammed into walls and then some. North America, Europe, and the Middle East are Rimac's primary markets for the car, but what about the world's largest car market, China?

"China is actually kind of different" he explained. "They actually crush with force the battery on its own. In order to survive that the battery case has to be like a tank of its own. That would increase the weight and reduce the battery size so much. For a few cars we decided not to do this. China is really not the market for a car like this. We'd sell like two."

Overall, Rimac has learned countless lessons throughout C_Two development compared to his first model, the Concept One. His most valuable takeaway, he said, was not to do everything yourself. Outsource what you can and work with suppliers. "With the Concept One we did crazy things on our own that don't make any sense. We did everything. It was absolutely insane. Take the initial budget and multiply it by ten."

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