Sea-Doo Rise is new all-electric hydrofoiling surfboard

9 months ago - 29 August 2022, autocar
Sea-Doo Rise is new all-electric hydrofoiling surfboard
The Sea-Doo Rise will rival the Awake Vinga e-foil and is set to arrive in 2024

Canadian jet ski manufacturer Sea-Doo is branching out into the electric mobility market with its new Sea Doo Rise, an all-electric hyrdofoiling board.

Sea Doo has a long history of building personal watercraft and currently offers a range of different jet skis from recreational machines to race-inspired performance models. 

Now the firm is set of offer its first electric board in the form of the Sea-Doo Rise. 

The firm says the hydrofoiling machine has been designed to be “accessible, simple to use and easy to charge” according to its makers.

Riders who are new to hydrofoiling are able to choose to ride on the water without foiling, or to partially or fully deploy the wing when they are ready to foil above water.

The board can be ridden either standing or kneeling down and features a retractable handlebar which can be raised to aid balance or folded into the board. Full specification details are due to be revealed in August 2023.

"With the Sea-Doo Rise, BRP is leveraging its expertise to address an untapped market category and further position the company for future growth," said José Boisjoli, president and CEO of BRP. 

We have set out to be the key actor in growing and democratising the hydrofoiling watersport industry. In true BRP fashion, we designed a product that is easy to use and adaptable for all skill levels, making it accessible for all those seeking to rise above the water.

Sea Doo says the new Rise should arrive in the middle of 2024.

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