Smart ForTwo Brabus By Vilner Transformed From Dull To Damn Crazy

5 years, 7 months ago - 23 June 2017, motor1
Smart ForTwo Brabus By Vilner Transformed From Dull To Damn Crazy
Brabus and Vilner had a green baby, and not in a wholesome good-for-the-environment sort-of way.

When it comes to Vilner, you can pretty much always expect something a bit flashy, in the same way that deep-fried cocaine might be a bit addictive. Sometimes the craziness works, other times, well, let's just say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is a bit unexpected is the subject vehicle for this particular endeavor, which happens to be a Smart ForTwo Cabriolet. That's not necessarily the unexpected part, because this Smart was already tweaked by another over-the-top tuner we all know and love – Brabus.

So to sum up, we have a Brabus Smart ForTwo by Vilner that's ready to show the world just how much bling can be packed into a microcar. With that in mind, prepare yourself for the collage of sharply contrasting color that follows.

According to Vilner, all the cheap plastics that once existed in the ForTwo's interior are long gone. In fact, the company says everything save for "a few square centimeters" inside the car is either covered in Alcantara, leather, or carbon fiber. A-pillars and the soft-top cabrio headliner receive white Alcantara, which makes a nice contrast with the abundance of black materials and carbon fiber trim in the cockpit. Then comes the accented trim in a particularly radioactive shade of green that can be found everywhere, from the steering wheel to the seats, door panels, vent rings, shifter knob, and of course the stitching.

Vilner continues the visual update outside with a fresh coat of pearl white paint accented with – you guessed it – more green. The wheels get a straight dose of the color for the lip, while the C-shaped striping gets some graphic elements mixed with the green for good measure. Vilner also adds a pair of subtle carbon fiber trim pieces above the rear wheel arches – perhaps the only subtle enhancement to be found on the entire car.

The tuner says that, despite the Smart ForTwo's small size, this was one of the company's biggest projects. For what it's worth, we applaud the effort and attention-to-detail. As far as the design and color choices for the interior, let's just say we already took some aspirin to help deal with a mid-afternoon headache that, to be fair, could simply be the result of summertime allergies. A word of warning though – if you stare at the interior photos too long, you'll start to see green wavy lines when you close your eyes.

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