Tesla Cybertruck Concept Converts Pickup Into A Capable Catamaran

10 months ago - 8 February 2022, motor1
Cybercat - Cybertruck Catamaran Concept
Cybercat - Cybertruck Catamaran Concept
The company says it has a pending patent for the design.

There’s a good chance that electric vehicles will change how we get around in the future. The extent of that disruption remains unknown, but plenty of ideas circulating have bold visions for what the future could offer. Jeep thinks a submersible all-electric Wrangler isn’t utterly impossible, but a new catamaran concept is thinking outside the box when it comes to mixing electric cars and water.

The concept, which comes in two distinct flavors, is called the Cybercat and the Cybercat Foiler. Both convert the yet-to-be-revealed production Tesla Cybertruck into a water-loving catamaran, but one features hydrofoils for improved efficiency in the water. The company designed the conversion kit so that a single person could convert the pickup, with all the components collapsible for convenient storage in the truck itself.

According to the company, the Cybercat will be capable of over 25 miles per hour (22 knots) with a range of 115-plus miles at 6 mph (100 nautical miles at 5 knots). The Cybercat Foiler is capable of 40-plus mph (35-plus knots) with a similar top-end range. Up to five outboard motors provide thrust.

The concept seems fanciful, but the company says there’s a pending patent for the conversion, and the company is taking reservations. No deposit is required because the company knows that the success of the Cybercat is dependent on when the Cybertruck arrives. Any company making aftermarket products for the Tesla’s pickup will need to know a litany of specifications before they start production anything, and Tesla is not an easy company to predict.

We’ve seen plenty of products since Tesla announced the Cybertruck in 2019 that attempt to take the pickup a step further in what it can do and offer. Many of them are holding in the development phase as Tesla readies the truck, and we don’t know what’s possible with electric vehicles until someone tries. We also don’t know what consumers will fall in love with.

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