Three-Door Peugeot 208 Getting The Axe

4 years, 11 months ago - 19 April 2018, motor1
Three-Door Peugeot 208 Getting The Axe
Brand new 208 coming before the year's end or in 2019.

Three-door hatchbacks are increasingly losing their popularity all around the globe. First, the crossover-ish Mini Paceman was axed and then followed the current Renault Clio, which doesn't have a three-door version from launch, as well as the new Volkswagen Polo, Kia Ceed, SEAT Ibiza, and Citroen C3. Meanwhile, a couple of other hatches lost their sportier but less practical variants, and now Peugeot is deciding to axe the production of the three-door 208 hatch.

The information comes from Auto Week, which says Peugeot has confirmed to the online magazine deliveries of the 208 with three doors are over. Peugeot in the Netherlands is no longer accepting orders for the hatch and the model is not on the assembly lines anymore, too.

We don't have a confirmation about the rest of the European markets, where the French automaker sells the 208, but a quick check at Peugeot's German site shows the 208 is listed only as a five-door model. The only model with three doors the manufacturer is currently offering on the Old continent is the tiny 108 city car.

Meanwhile, Peugeot is also working on the next generation 208. It will switch to the new CMP platform, which should bring a healthy weight reduction. The new generation model is expected to be slightly larger than today's car with a longer wheelbase for roomier interior and bigger trunk.

The French company wants to make its popular hatchback much more efficient and will rely on a thoroughly revised engine range, consisting of three- and four-cylinder turbo gas and diesel engines. A mild hybrid system is possible, too, as well as an all-electric variant, but nothing is confirmed at the moment.

As a final note, now that Opel is part of PSA's family, the new 208 will share its underpinnings with the next generation Opel Corsa, which is due in 2019.

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