Toyota Tacoma Custom Camper Is All The RV You'll Ever Need

4 years ago - 16 January 2019, motor1
Toyota Tacoma Custom Camper Is All The RV You'll Ever Need
It's built from a TRD Sport and has all the amenities of home, wrapped in a compact package.

Interested in a camper but don't want a boring van? Perhaps you've seen some of the awesome all-terrain mega-RV monsters we've featured but don't have pockets deep enough for such apocalypse-crushing vehicles. We like the cool factor from this custom Toyota Tacoma, which looks plenty capable of conquering some sketchy roads in some measure of comfort without being the size of an actual house. And we think something like this could cost under $100,000. More on that in a minute.

The company behind this tricked out Toyota is ATC4x4s, and as far as we can tell, the organization is based in Oregon. We say that because the company's website link takes us to a parked GoDaddy domain, so all we really have to go by is the YouTube channel hosting this video, and a Facebook page listing an Oregon-based telephone number. Also, the video states Oregon right in the title, so it's a safe bet we're dealing with a company in the Pacific Northwest. We hope this all means ATC4x4s is young and just building up steam, because we seriously dig this compact camper.

Speaking of which, the video tour gives us all kinds of information. The vehicle started life as a 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport, which is already a decent off-road machine. The truck received 18-inch wheels and aggressive rubber, but the main party trick is obviously the fully custom living space where a pickup bed usually resides. It's not a drop-in camper like some pickups receive; it's fully integrated into the truck with lots of storage inside and out, as well as provisions to carry water and propane. It's equipped with solar panels, a power inverter, and it can be plugged in like a standard RV as well.

As for the living space, despite its size the Tacoma is well equipped. That includes a complete bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower, as well as a full kitchen with a stove, microwave, and refrigerator. That doesn't leave much room for a dance floor, but the large table in back is flanked by wide sofas and it can all fold to create a big bed. There's also a four-foot cabover section for a couple more people to sleep.

Now, about the price. It appears these projects are all build-to-order, but scrolling back through the company’s Facebook page we find the above post from October (when this video was posted) that mentions a sale price of $85,000. That’s not exactly cheap for a four-year-old Tacoma, but considering other off-road RVs we’ve seen can easily go deep into six-figures, something like this could be a very cool alternative at a much lower price point.

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