Turn Your Truck Into A Tent And More With TopperEZLift System

4 years, 7 months ago - 20 August 2018, motor1
Turn Your Truck Into A Tent And More With TopperEZLift System
Portability and convenience are the world’s greatest commodities.

Remember the Hitch Hotel that turns your car into an instant RV? Well, we came across another innovative product that's as nifty as that expandable storage accessory. Called the TopperEZLift system, it's an all-electric, self-install lifting system for your pickup truck's topper.

With TopperEZLift system, you can maximize your camper's storage capacity, or even turn your truck into an instant tent. Cool, right? Best part is, it fits all standard pickup trucks and camper shells. Don't have a camper shell yet? Well, you have to buy that separately as TopperEZLift doesn't include that in the package, more so, the truck.

The TopperEZLift system is all electric, which means you don't have to worry about hydraulic or air systems. All you have to do is to install, plug it in your truck's 12-volt power socket, and operate. Its actuators can lift a total of 900 pounds, which is more than enough to lift any toppers. It also has a 17.5-inch lifting height.

Aside from the lifting system, the TopperEZLift can be bought with an option to go for either the Weekender Camper Package and Contractor Package. Both choices give you the ability to turn your camper shells into tents with the inclusion of three side panels and one back panel. The only difference between the two is that the Weekender Camper Package uses the bed's tailgate so you can maximize the length of your bed. This is perfect for pickup trucks with short beds.

On the other hand, the Contractor Package doesn’t use the tailgate, making it better for long box pickups. With that, it easily rolls up inside the topper without removing anything from the contraption. Now, that’s convenient.

The TopperEZLift system starts at $1,300 without the camper packages. Opting for the camper packages will double the price, however, there’s an on-going sale right now on their website. If you’re interested, you might want to check that out.

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