Unique Alfa Romeo Giulia Gets Retro-Inspired Ochre Paint

3 years, 8 months ago - 22 May 2019, motor1
Unique Alfa Romeo Giulia Gets Retro-Inspired Ochre Paint
There are a lot of classic Alfa Romeos at the Mille Miglia this year, in addition to this modern Giulia in a vintage-inspired color.

As a special surprise during 2019's Mille Miglia, the Alfa Romeo Giulia showed off a new Ochre paint color. The shade appears to be a bronze hue with an infusion of orange to make it a little warmer.

Alfa intends the color to evoke a similar shade available on the brand's models in the 1960s and '70s. The comparison below shows the new hue practically has a mirror finish, whereas the original is duller and more akin to a satin appearance. The similarities are still definitely noticeable, though.

If this vintage-inspired color fits your style, we have some bad news. "This special Ochre paint job was just a one-off, special color to showcase the Giulia Quadrifoglio, and it's an ode to the Mille Miglia," Berj Alexanian, Alfa Romeo spokesperson in the U.S, told Motor1.com. "A this time, we have no plans to bring it into production."

This bright color might be too ostentatious on a larger vehicle like the Stelvio, but it could be a perfect attention-getter on the Giulia. Let's see if Alfa Romeo uses this one-off as a chance to gauge public reaction and consider whether adding this shade to the sedan's palette.The timing of Alfa Romeo showing off a Giulia in Ochre comes barely a week after Lexus' unveiling of the LC 500h Matte Prototype Concept in Space Orange. It's intruguing to see two automakers experimenting with hues of burnt orange in such quick succession on one-off models.

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