Volkswagen restarts Golf deliveries as software problem fixed

3 years ago - 9 June 2020, autocar
Volkswagen restarts Golf deliveries as software problem fixed
Update claimed to solve issue with emergency call function; deliveries will recommence and voluntary recall be launched

Volkswagen has resumed deliveries of the new, Mk8 Golf after a software problem was unearthed in May.

The problem, which centered around the eCall emergency assist function not working reliably, caused deliveries to be halted throughout Europe while a fix was developed.

Volkswagen now claims that a software update for the control unit has resolved the issue. It will be installed on every Golf in future and retrofitted to those already built, while a voluntary recall will be issued to ensure cars already delivered to customers are fixed.

The firm admits that around 15,000 Mk8 Golfs have already been delivered in Germany and are affected by the recall. A far smaller number of cars were delivered in the UK before the problem arose.

A statement issued in May has been updated to reflect the news: "In the course of internal investigations, we have determined that individual Golf 8 vehicles may experience unreliable data transmission from the software on the control unit or the online connectivity unit (OCU3). As a result, the full functionality of the eCall/emergency call assistant cannot be guaranteed.

"Volkswagen will initiate a voluntary recall for Golf Mk8 models already delivered to customers in order to install the software update. Volkswagen has already notified the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) of this and has requested owner data in order to inform the affected customers in good time."

This software, mandatory by EU law for every new car sold since March 2018, can detect when an accident requires the attendance of the emergency services and contacts them automatically.

Reports suggested the new Skoda Octavia was similarly afflicted, because it shares the same system. However, deliveries of that model aren't due until next month, so there won't be an issue.

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