Watch This Ford Get Pummeled By Freak Hailstorm In Australia

3 years, 6 months ago - 20 November 2019, motor1
Watch This Ford Get Pummeled By Freak Hailstorm In Australia
Mother Nature has visited Australia. Again.

We've all been there and know how much it hurts to see your car being destroyed by a hail storm. No matter if we are talking about an expensive project car or for your daily driver, it's never a pleasant sight – and we can only imagine the feelings going through this young lady's head while watching her poor Ford Fiesta being hammered by a massive hail storm just yesterday.

On Sunday afternoon, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, was hit by a hail "the size of a cricket ball," as reported by 7news, resulting in extensive damage to hundreds of cars and homes. The video above captures the disaster and the minutes after that with the young lady walking us around her car and describing the damage done by the storm.

"My car was the worst out of all of them. Unfortunately, it couldn't fit in the garage. This side is probably the worst of them all, [...] and then the back and the roof of the car are pretty bad as well, all smashed," Lisa Thomas explains.

According to 7news, the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland had received 1,250 vehicle claims and 298 home claims by Monday afternoon local time. It is believed that hundreds, if not thousands, more vehicles are also affected. Almost 20,000 houses were without power after the storm.

"The damage from this storm has been extensive," RACQ spokeswoman Lucinda Ross commented. "We've seen holes in windscreens and paintwork as well as damage to patios and roofs of homes."

The costs of the damage done by the massive hail storm are not known at the moment and it is not clear if they will rival the $1.39 billion in claims after a superstorm ripped up Brisbane in 2014.

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