Watch Panamera Sport Turismo Wagons Transport $13.9m In Gold

5 years, 1 month ago - 25 January 2018, motor1
Watch Panamera Sport Turismo Wagons Transport $13.9m In Gold
No armored trucks? No problem.

Before getting to the meat of this article, we aren't suggesting that banks and/or financial institutions around the world will be ditching armored trucks for a fleet of Porsches anytime soon. The video and accompanying press release (available below) don't outright suggest that either but make no mistake – this sort-of thing generally isn't standard operating procedure for transporting almost $14 million (£10 million) in gold. After all, the Fast and Furious crew showed us such duties are best performed with murdered-out Dodge Chargers.

Never the less, London-based Baird & Co. recently dialed up Porsche to help with a critical transport mission. The bullion merchant needed to move 24 bars of gold across London to an underground vault, a journey that would cover 12 miles of city streets. In its press release, Porsche said the journey was risky and that Baird & Co "resolved that the gold needed to be transported with great efficiency, under careful watch and that time was of the essence – the longer it took, the greater the risk."

Apparently, that's why three Porsche Panamera Sport Turismos were called in. In addition to four passengers – a driver, radio operator, and two security guards – each car was also burdened with over 130 pounds (60kg) of gold in a special crate. It sounds like a job more befitting a Cayenne, but Baird & Co also wanted the vehicles to have "significant reserves of performance for the gold's rapid journey through Central London." In that case a Cayenne Turbo would've been ideal, but since the 12-mile trip actually took 40 minutes resulting in an average speed of just 18 mph, a freaking Nissan Juke could've handled the gig while being far less conspicuous than a convoy of Panameras.

Of course, this was something of a media ploy for Porsche's sexy Sport Turismo long roof, and since it does look so damn good we don't mind taking the bait. The folks writing the next Fast film might want to keep this in mind, however, should another multi-million dollar heist be in the works.

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