Watch a Russian avalanche bury cars

4 years, 10 months ago - 27 March 2018, Autoblog
Watch a Russian avalanche bury cars
‘Dude, where's my Volga?’

This is what it looks like when a snowy mountain gets hungry and eats some cars. An avalanche at the highest mountain in Europe, 18,510-foot Mount Elbrus in Russia, buried 15 vehicles on the weekend. The tweeted videos show the progressing snow engulf Volgas, Ladas and UAZs along with Western cars, but luckily no one was injured. The avalanche also stopped before it reached any major buildings.

The weird thing about the snow on Mount Elbrus, and also at another Russian ski resort in Sochi, was that it is an orange hue, causing some to compare it to skiing on Mars; it's not just a weird filter on the videos and images. One explanation given for the phenomenon was that sand and pollen from the Sahara desert has traveled all the way to Russia, coloring the snow.

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