Nissan Titan Surfcamp Wants To Make Your Life A Beach

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Nissan Titan Surfcamp Wants To Make Your Life A Beach
Nissan's latest lifestyle concept carries surfboards, fishing rods, and a shower.

Nissan isn't slowing up on its fleet of one-off lifestyle concept vehicles. This time the theme is life on the beach, so Nissan crafted a Titan pickup to carry surfboards, a solar shower, and provisions to hold fishing rods while you fish, provided you're gutsy enough to get that close to the water. It's called the Titan Surfcamp, for reasons we suspect should be quite obvious.

"With Titan Surfcamp, it's never been easier to hit the beach," said Fred DePerez, Nissan North American LCV business unit vice president. "I hope this amazing show truck inspires surfers, fisherman, and beach lovers to add Titan to their weekend adventures."

The goal here is to show people that, should you wish to become a total beach bum, the Titan can be specially equipped to make the most of sand and surf. The build starts with a fresh-off-the-line Titan XD Diesel Midnight Edition Crew Cab, which then gets an Icon suspension lift that Nissan points out is a factory-authorized modification available through its dealers. Big Nitto off-road tires round out the mechanical upgrades, making this Titan very adept at crawling through a sandy beach or sketchy terrain that might otherwise prevent you from getting there.

Beyond those upgrades are a bevy of a nifty accessories. The Fab Four Vengence Series front bumper has provisions to hold fishing poles to help you fish. There's a nifty roof rack that transports surfboards and fishing poles but also incorporates a retractable awning for shade, a solar shower to rinse off the sand, and of course it serves as the base for the requisite tent that can be accessed via ladder, not unlike the Armada Mountain Patrol we have linked near the top of the page.

In the bed Nissan makes uses of it's Utili-track Bed Channel System to offer prolific storage for anything you might need at the beach. An integrated Yeti cooler keeps things cold for days, while on the functionality side a bank of forward-mounted off-road lights are available for lighting up the sand at night. And since passengers are likely to be wet or inundated with sand, the seating surfaces are fitted with wetsuit-like seat covers with rubber floor mats down low. The finishing touch is a retro-inspired exterior wrap that borrows from 1960's beach culture, not to mention a specific 1971 Datsun Bluebird Wagon Hot Wheels car that wore a similar surfer design.

As with its previous special-edition lifestyle concepts, you won't be walking into a dealership to order a Surfcamp truck. Nissan does, however, point out that the components are readily available should someone be interested in making one.

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