You Can Now Buy Poland's First-Ever Supercar, But There's One Catch

6 godina,2 mjeseci ago - 8 prosinca 2016, CarBuzz
You Can Now Buy Poland's First-Ever Supercar, But There's One Catch
Polish boutique supercar company Arrinera has taken the long route to launching its first model, the Hussarya.

The bad news is that the Hussarya isn't ready to go on sale just yet. The good news is that the Hussarya GT, a GT3-spec racer, is. The Arrinera Hussarya GT has a mid-mounted LS7 V8 making 500 bhp mated to a six-speed Hewland sequential racing gearbox with paddle shifters. It costs $229,000, although that price leaves off the $69,000 spares package that must also be purchased.

Professional Scottish racing driver Anthony Reid has been testing the car and plans to race it in 2017. He gave it high marks, saying in a company-produced press release that, "The quality of build is also very high and the Polish team of designers behind the car are clearly highly qualified and a credit to the standard of engineering education in Poland." You'd expect someone who is on the company payroll to say nice things about the company car, but keep in mind that Reid plans to race the Hussarya GT so he must really see some potential in it. "I've tested in the dry and in the wet, most recently at Donington and Snetterton, and it went really well. Because it is mid-engined, it has the kind of handling balance I really like.

It is stable and predictable and is perfect for amateur drivers who want to jump in and go quickly straight away. Porsches and Ferraris require time and experience to drive properly, but this is much more straightforward and all for a price significantly less than a GT3 car," the Scot reported. Did Reid just fire shots at both Ferrari and Porsche? Fired shots aside, the Arrinera Hussarya GT on paper looks to be able to hold its own on Europe's various tracks. The chassis is a modular steel spaceframe design and the bespoke pushrod suspension features Öhlins four-way adjustable dampers. All four wheels have Alcon brakes with 380 mm discs and six-pot mono bloc calipers. Bosch racing ABS and traction control also come standard.

At the end of its press release for the Hussarya GT Arrinera mentioned that the road-legal track-focused version will be launched in late 2017. That's the car we're really excited for, although we are curious to see how the performance-tuned variant does on the track against some of the top supercars in the world.

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