1,000 HP Toyota Supra Drag Races LS7-Powered VW Passat With 8-to-1 Exhaust

2 years, 7 months ago - 6 October 2020, autoevolution
1,000 HP Toyota Supra Drag Races LS7-Powered VW Passat With 8-to-1 Exhaust
“World’s Most Rowdy Passat” - we almost forgot this thing existed. Thankfully, Hoonigan organized the perfect drag race to highlight Tanner Foust's old LS7-swapped Volkswagen drift car.

Volkswagen as a car company isn't known for the most exotic, high-powered cars. However, its motorsport projects are always interesting, putting wasabi twists on vanilla cars you'd typically only want as a rental or lease. Such is the case with the Passat, which is normally a shy mid-size sedan but found extra motivation thanks to some good old American muscle.

The LS7 V8 under the hood makes between 850 and 900 horsepower and delivers a unique muscle car soundtrack via the 8-into-1 exhaust. That alone should tell you not to mess with it, in case the race-spec exterior wasn't enough of a clue.

Like most rallycross or drift specials that require a lot of high-end work, the custom Passat was built by Papadakis Racing. The LS7 itself is a 7.3-liter (450 ci) crate engine that produces 700 hp by itself but can have a 200 hp boost of nitrous. 

Migrating from front-wheel-drive family sedan to rear-driven racer required a lot of cutting and welding. Other than the lights, it probably doesn't share any major components with a Volkswagen.

Of course, this wouldn't be a typical Hoonigan drag race video if the Mk IV Toyota Supra was completely normal; who wants to see that? The legendary Japanese sports car from the 1990s is known for insane power outputs, this one offering a perfectly reasonable 1,000 horsepower.

A Supra with more power than its rival is usually enough to win the race. But the Passat still has a couple of aces up its fenders, namely the fact that it's about 900 lbs lighter and the 4-speed dog box gearbox versus the manual in the Toyota.

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