Big Turbo 2020 Toyota Supra Drag Races Tuned BMW M3, Fight Is Brutal

3 years, 4 months ago - 30 September 2019, autoevolution
Big Turbo 2020 Toyota Supra Drag Races Tuned BMW M3, Fight Is Brutal
We've talked about the efforts US aftemarket developers make in order to turn the 2020 Toyota Supra into a proper rocket.

Well, tuners on the Old Continent aren't exactly resting on their BMW-modding laurels. In fact, we are now here to talk about an Euro-modded Mk V Supra.

The machine recently attended a drag racing event and, not least thanks to its yellow finish, turned heads like few other toys.

However, it's the tech side of the Japanese sportscar that helped the thing stand out. Heck, this contraption might just be worthy of the sleeper label.

In factory form, the BMW-sourced B58 turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six occupying the engine comartmetn of the coupe, delivers 340 PS, which means the Toyota is a 12s car. And yes, American tuners have taken the toy into the 10s quarter-mile arena on the stock turbo.

Well, according to the YouTuber who captured the said adventure on camera, the Supra we have here packs 700 hp.

Now, a quick glance at the Instagram account of the garage behind the build reveals the factory turbo has been left behind, with a beefier BorgWarner unit taking its place.

However, based on the low-6s 100-200 km/h (62-124 mph) time recorded during a recent test run, the muscle number of the machine seems closer to 650 hp. Then again, the description of the said run does mention low boost, so perhaps things had been dialed to eleven for the drag racing gathering attended by the machine.

Regardless, the most enticing battle involving the Supra was supposed to be one that saw the Toyota duking it out with an F80 BMW M3 that had reportedly been pushed to 650 hp.

Sadly, something happened and the Supra missed the run. Then again, you'll be able to compare its maximum velocity number from other runs (this was a standing kilometer race) with that of the Bimmer. And you might be surprised...

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