2020 Ford Transit AWD Gets First Camper Van Build From VanDOit

3 years, 2 months ago - 5 December 2019, motor1
2020 Ford Transit AWD Gets First Camper Van Build From VanDOit
A modular system allows this van to work through the week and party on weekends.

Ford has an all-wheel-drive Transit for the 2020 model year, and that's good news for the #vanlife crowd who enjoys straying off the beaten path. Its full-time AWD setup isn't as robust as a traditional 4WD off-road arrangement, but power to all four wheels should still help the popular full-size van reach new areas. Missouri-based upfit company VanDOit already has a build for the all-wheel-drive model called the LIV.

There are two very different approaches to creating camper vans, and VanDOit takes the modular road. As such, this van can still be set up to function as both an eight-passenger people mover and a cargo hauler when not being utilized for a weekend getaway. A series of T-track systems on the floor, walls, and roof make this van extremely versatile thanks to various plug-and-play components available. Perhaps its most impressive feature, however, is a full-size queen bed on a hydraulic lift in the back. With the bed up, there's significant room for cargo or a "garage" underneath, and a folding front leaf on the lift allows room for a third row of removable passenger seats to fit ahead of it.

The track system allows for all kinds of customization from there. A second bed can replace the garage area beneath the queen, creating a bunk-bed setup that can sleep four people. A mini-kitchen module offers a sink and water storage, as well as a slide-out section for a small refrigerator. A larger kitchen with a taller refrigerator is also available, and there are numerous options for storage. Hot water and furnace systems are offered, as are removable toilets and even a trick stand-up shower that can be used either inside or outside the van.

Admittedly, the modular construction isn't as aesthetically pleasing as what you'd find in a full-time motorhome, but there's no denying the LIV's multi-function capability. Depending on how you spec-out your Ford, VanDOit says pricing ranges from $59,800 to $108,800

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