2023 BMW 5 Series Touring Rendered With M Performance Styling Cues

1 year ago - 13 November 2021, autoevolution
2023 BMW 5 Series Touring Rendered With M Performance Styling Cues
The M5 CS is the most exciting 5 Series of them all, the 520e is the most efficient, and what BMW calls Touring is the most practical due to additional cargo space offered by the wagon body style.

The family-centric option dates back to '91 when the 520iT and 525iT rolled out.

Even though it never stole customers from the four-door sedan, the long-roofed estate has been - and still is - fairly popular with peeps who prefer the driving characteristics of a car instead of a high-riding crossover utility vehicle. Given that Europe continues to buy crossover utility vehicles like there’s no tomorrow, the G61 may be the last 5 Series Touring of the lot.

Rendered by pixel wizard Bernhard Reichel, the M550i xDrive before your eyes isn’t exactly faithful to the G60 prototypes we’ve covered in the past year. The exterior door handles look out of place on this car, along with the weird exhaust tips and the integration of the black valance panel out back.

As you’re well aware, BMW is currently developing an M3 Touring with M xDrive and the ZF 8HP eight-speed automatic transmission. It remains to be seen if the next-generation M5 will receive an estate option, but if you ask me, the Bavarians don’t really need it because the M3 Touring is already a niche product by modern standards. Lest we forget, coupe-styled crossovers are far more popular with motorists than the good ol’ wagon.

On the other hand, can BMW ignore the Mercedes-AMG E 63 T-Modell and Audi RS 6 Avant? They can’t ignore the direct competitors of the M5 Touring, but on the other hand, the German rivals are not selling well either.

Going forward, every automaker needs to reassess their lineups in order to save money wherever possible for BEV development. Speaking of which, the next 5 Series will offer all-electric propulsion in the guise of the i5.

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