BMW 7 Series Facelift Spied With A Friendly Driver At The Wheel

5 years ago - 24 January 2018, motor1
BMW 7 Series Facelift Spied With A Friendly Driver At The Wheel
The front and rear coverings hide minor updates to the current model.

Often times, driver and/or passengers in camouflaged prototypes can be rather standoff-ish when cameras are around. Lest we forget the big security guys that came after our spy photographers last summer trying to get a glimpse of the new Chevrolet Silverado. The occupants in this thinly disguised BMW 7 Series, however, offer a polite wave as they scamper along through a decidedly snow-covered landscape.

We haven't seen too much of this car, which will carry a minor facelift front and rear for its mid-cycle refresh. The current 7 Series is only a couple years old, though BMW is certainly keen to keep pace with Mercedes-Benz and Audi, both of which revealed new flagship sedans recently. There obviously won't be nearly the same changes to the Bimmer compared to what we saw for the S-Class and A8, but underneath the camo on this 7 Series is a new set of headlights nestled above a tweaked fascia. Some reshaping to the automaker's signature kidney grille is also expected.

Things are a bit less dramatic at the back, with new tail lights at the corners blending with the existing designs on the trunk. Lower body lines on the bumper seem close to the current model, but the bumper itself will have some minor reshaping to round out the subtle exterior update.

Inside, we expect to see some minor updates to trim and materials, though it's not yet confirmed if the car will adopt a glass-cockpit design similar to Audi and Mercedes. We do expect the new 7 Series to incorporate the latest safety systems and driver assists, which could include level 3 autonomous capability to compete with the A8. Engines should carry over from the current model, though horsepower upgrades throughout the lineup are expected.

The refreshed BMW 7 Series should debut later this as a 2019 model, with production beginning next spring.

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