Mountain drifting is even cooler in virtual reality

7 years, 8 months ago - 27 September 2016, Autoblog
Mountain drifting
Mountain drifting
A French filming company called ODOXO recently strapped a 360-degree camera to a Nissan S13 drift car for a local event.

This would usually be enough to merit a watch on its own, but this event is even cooler because it takes place on public mountain roads.

Don't worry though, the roads have been closed off and this is an officially-sanctioned event. The end result looks like a scene from the Japanese anime Initial D, just with more smoke, more style, and a heck of a lot more BMWs. The onboard camera is attached to Irish driver Jack Shenahan's Nissan S13 with a turbocharged RB25 straight-six from a Nissan Skyline. In the video, you'll see Shenahan compete in tandem drift trials against various machines from BMW, with footage captured from the roof, the side and the inside of corners.

The footage here is fantastic, and you get a great sense of the speeds these drivers are reaching. Having complete freedom to look around also offers the chance to see drifting in new ways. For instance, you can take a look backwards to watch Shenahan's opponent attempt to keep up with him. Even if you don't find the 360-degree footage that interesting, there's still some great drifting here in an awesome setting to check out.

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