Chris Craft Calypso 35 Boat Offers Customizable Taste of the High Life for Around $650K

1 year, 2 months ago - 4 November 2021, autocar
Chris Craft Calypso 35 Boat Offers Customizable Taste of the High Life for Around $650K
Let's face it, most of us will never set foot upon some superyacht design meant to boast the world's richest and finest pleasure. However, most of us can own a Calypso 35.

The Calypso 35 you have before you is Chris Craft's addition to the Calypso family for the new year, 2022. I chose to bring this vessel to your attention because it cruises in with an attainable price tag of 644,633 USD (557,591 EUR at current exchange rates) starting. Sure, it's not really cheap, but it's a much more achievable number than some multi-million-dollar yacht.

The mind behind the design and the construction of the Calypso is Chris Craft, an American boat builder with a history that dates back to 1874. You can very well grasp what sort of vessels come out of a company with near 150 years of experience—time to take a look at the new Calypso. If you haven't viewed the image gallery yet, do so, as you'll have a much better idea of what I'm talking about and how everything fits in its place.

All good? Well, as it stands, the vessel before you comes in with a length of 35.9 feet (10.94 meters) and features an 11-foot (3.35-meter) beam. Already you can get an idea of what you're up against. With a dry weight of 14,770 lbs (6,699 kg), the 35 has a capacity for 15 guests.

One thing you need to understand about Chris Craft is that it is part of the Winnebago Industries group. This means that the 35 and all other craft from this manufacturer offers a fully customizable build. By the time you build your dream 35, you can expect to dish out a bit more than the asking price mentioned above. And since the entire thing is customizable, it isn't easy to run through everything included in the build.

At the bow of the 35 sits a U-shaped lounge suitable for about five to seven guests. A complete walk-through is revealed, allowing guests to walk about the shit freely, even though a helm sits between the bow and aft segments. Speaking of the rear of the 35, here, guests will have the possibility to lounge on any of the multiple seating options, but there's also room for setting up fishing rods, wakeboard rig, and just about anything else you can think of. Why not just leave it as is and transform it into a mini dance floor?

Fiberglass creates the deck and hull, and so seating is shaped from fiberglass too. As for the fabric used to create the seats, vinyl is chosen. Other accents such as woods, semiprecious metals, and LED lighting help balance the heavy use of previously mentioned materials.

One area that owners are sure to get a kick out of is the sleeping quarters. Take a trip down below and get some shut-eye whenever you feel you may have partied too much. Here, woods like walnut, silver oak, and whitewashed oak make up the furniture and LED lighting, plus an equipped electrical system won't leave you in the dark.

As for the propulsion system for this vessel, three outboard motors can be equipped. Mercury Verado and Yamaha are the optional brands available, but if you want something beefier, I'm sure you can substitute the previous choices. But do take into calculation the structural integrity of your boat at higher speeds. As for the top speed of the 35, the manufacturer's website doesn't specify anything. After a bit of searching for an answer, reports state that the 35 can reach speeds upwards of 55 mph (88.5 kph).

Now, being a customizable boat, you can create your 35 by mixing and matching any of the countless standard features and options to create a one-of-a-kind ship, but do bring your checkbook.

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