This Cool Concept Is Our Best Look Yet At The Next Volkswagen Golf

5 years, 7 months ago - 5 July 2017, CarBuzz
This Cool Concept Is Our Best Look Yet At The Next Volkswagen Golf
TwitterTone down the styling, add rear doors, and there you go.

Volkswagen is currently busy designing and developing the next generation Golf, one of the automaker's most important models. It's not something they can afford to mess up, and we highly doubt they will. But VW has just released this single image of what's called the Gen.E research prototype, an all-electric hatchback whose design strongly hints at what the next Golf will look like. VW is showing this experimental three-door hatch as part of its Future Mobility Days 2017.

This event plays host to a number of confidential topics that Volkswagen Group Research is currently working on in Wolfsburg, Germany. VW didn't officially say that the Gen.E concept is a direct next-gen Golf preview, but we think it is thanks to its updated styling and, compared to the current e-Golf, offers twice as much electric range on a single charge. "This provides an insight into the next generation of automobiles for efficient long-distance mobility with a range of more than 400 kilometers (250 miles)," VW stated. "The lightweight architecture has been designed for maximum crash safety including the battery."

We do know this prototype is powered by a lithium-ion battery with an updated electric motor, but VW hasn't divulged any other specifics. Overall, we like the design direction VW has taken here. Tone it down slightly, add rear doors and you've got the 2019 Golf.

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