Customizable Sportfishing Boat

3 months, 1 week ago - 17 August 2022, autoevolution
Customizable Sportfishing Boat
Composite Yacht, a Maryland-based yacht builder that specializes mostly in cruising and fishing boat construction, has debuted the new CY55 fishing boat, capable of reaching an impressive top speed of 54.9 knots (101 kph).

The newly revealed boat constitutes a cruising and fishing platform that features a timeless, elegant style and which can easily be customized to the prospective owners’ needs and tastes.

Composite Yacht is a small family-owned and operated yacht builder that continues the rich tradition of custom boat building in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland area.

With more than 20 years of expertise in the field, the company focuses on building durable, lightweight, and fast boats by making use of advanced composite materials to provide robustness and strength of construction.

Their newly-revealed bespoke CY55 comes with a design penned by renowned naval architect Lou Codega and Associates, whose main aim was to conceive a high-performance hull capable of breaking speed records and offering clients a pleasing cruising experience. And the result of their work indeed is a record breaker, as the CY55’s maximum speed of 54.9 knots is reportedly superior to that achieved by conventionally driven diesel-powered sportfishing boats.

Actually, the owner who commissioned the build specifically requested a minimum top speed of 50 knots.

Back when the team was still in the early design stages, Rob Hardy, Composite Yacht’s Sales Manager, affirmed that “The CY55 will no doubt become the basis for a new line of CY yachts. This hull is so efficient that for owners who don’t need to go quite so fast, a more moderate power plant should make for a very economical boat to operate.”

Certainly, not all clients will need to ride the CY55 at its whopping top speed, but the advancements made by the boat builder in terms of design and construction will come in handy in upcoming builds. The CY55 basically created new standards for the creation of future boats that will provide fast turn of speed without compromising maneuverability, which is an important aspect for most offshore fishermen.

To withstand the loads of a boat this size and achieve said speeds, builders used carbon and Kevlar laminate in the construction of the CY55. Thanks to their lighter weight, composite boats manage to be more efficient and faster than comparably-powered steel or aluminum builds.

Like most builds by Composite Yacht, the CY55 sports a particularly shallow draft and wider beam, which makes it ideal for both commercial and recreational boating activities.

Not many details are provided regarding the new cruising and fishing boat’s interior design, but the builder mentions that the deck configuration and interior layout are customizable to meet every client’s needs. In the photos attached to this article, you can see the aesthetics chosen by the client for hull #1 of CY55.

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