E30 BMW M3 Is the Best BMW of All Time, According to Doug DeMuro

2 years, 10 months ago - 17 July 2020, autoevolution
E30 BMW M3 Is the Best BMW of All Time, According to Doug DeMuro
Saying the E30 M3 is a really cool BMW can hardly be considered a controversial statement within the automotive community.

But Doug DeMuro probably needed a clickbait title for his review of the iconic Bavarian RWD machine.

We mention this because, in 2017, he called the 1 Series M Coupe the "Best BMW of All Time," and after that, the M2 Competition got called the "Ultimate M Car." But to be fair, all these are amazing toys, and they don't get the attention they deserve.

Making an E30 M3 review happen isn't as easy as you think. BMW didn't make that many of these first-gen performance cars. Despite that, it put M cars on the map, where they stay to this day.

The million-or-so people who are going to watch this review probably already know what to expect. You have all the familiar tropes about driver engagement, simplicity, and honesty. Doug is going to say that modern cars are too complicated and rely heavily on technology. He might also mention how modern sports cars have to comply with safety and emissions regulations.

Best quarks or features? Everybody loves the factory widebody kit, including Doug. The mirrors are also cool, as is the trunk wing. No self-respecting car reviewer can resit joking about the grille size as well. It's as easy as pointing out the president has weird hair.

But we're not suggesting this is a pointless or forced video. No, far from it. A new generation of BMW enthusiasts is going to learn about to quirks of the M3, such as the "Check" panel or the proto-infotainment screen.

This year's M3 will have something like 500 horsepower and available AWD. But in the 1980s, you only needed about 190 hp to have fun. No turbos or automatic gearboxes either.

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