Family Duel: Bmw M3 Competition Pack Drag Races Bmw M4 Gts

5 years, 1 month ago - 27 December 2017, motor1
Family Duel: Bmw M3 Competition Pack Drag Races Bmw M4 Gts
Is the M4 GTS really worth the extra money?

On paper, the BMW  M4 GTS should be a significantly faster vehicle than the M3 with Competition Package. The numbers show about 50 horsepower (37 kilowatts) more for the two-door coupe, lower weight, and nearly double price tag. What about the 0-62 miles per hour (0-100 kilometers per hour) acceleration? The fastest M4 needs only 3.8 seconds versus 4.2 seconds for the M3 with the Competition Pack.

But, as theory says, you need much more than just a lot of power to be fast in real conditions. The key factor, naturally, is traction and we can say the M3 has some slight traction issues. Just imagine what happens when you add more power and cut the weight.

This is a very simple explanation of why the M4 GTS has a worse start from a standstill in comparison to its slightly heavier M3 brother. However, as a new video from Top Gear with a drag race between the two shows, a good start is not enough to win the race. In the short two-minute clip, the graphite M3 makes a really good launch and takes the lead, but at some point the white two-door M4 catches up and eventually wins the drag with a minimal gap.

BMW M4 GTS Uses Water-Injection System to Make Track-Day Power

The final result leaves us asking ourselves two questions. Is adding more power and cutting the weight always a good recipe for a faster car? Also, is the M4 GTS really worth the hefty premium over a standard M4 or an M3 with Competition Package?

We don't know the answers for sure, but one thing is clear – watching two of BMW's fastest car on sale today race is always fun. Join Jack Rix and Oliver Marriage from the Top Gear crew as they race the two rockets in a straight line. And forgive us for thinking that both cars can do better with a proper launch...

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