Harley-Davidson Fat Back Is an Expensive Horned Beast, Based on a Very Rare Breed

1 year, 3 months ago - 30 November 2021, autoevolution
Harley-Davidson Fat Back Is an Expensive Horned Beast, Based on a Very Rare Breed
Back in 2018, American bike maker Harley-Davidson was celebrating its 115th anniversary.

Not quite one of those nice, round numbers people like so much as to throw immense parties to honor, but reason enough for a number of celebrations to be held over in Milwaukee and elsewhere.

Part of those celebrations was the release of an anniversary edition for the Fat Boy. A bike that featured the usual visual bling associated to such a special two-wheeler, meaning things like satin chrome finishes here and there, or hand-applied serial numbers all around. A special paint called Legend Blue Denim was applied to the bike to make it stand out even more.

Records say Harley made just 900 of these special edition bikes, and of that batch just 150 made their way over to the European continent. Common sense would tell you people who own them will keep them stock, in the hopes that sometime in the future their value might increase somehow and earn them a fortune.

Well, not all of them, as someone took their special Fat Boy over to German custom garage Thunderbike and had it transformed into this thing here, aptly called Fat Back.

Part of the German-brewed series that also comprises names the likes of the Road Force and Red Force, the Fat Back was the recipient of over 30 custom bits that completely alter its stance and appearance. These changes are worth at least 20,000 euros (about $22,500), making it one of the priciest Thunderbike conversions we’ve ever covered. And for good reason, given how almost the entire two-wheeler has changed.

The most expensive bits that went into making this are the single-sided swingarm slapped at the rear, and the Screamin’ Eagle Stage IV kit deployed on the engine to go with the hydraulic clutch conversion and pushing the powerplant into the 130 hp territory. Then we get an air suspension and custom exhaust system for good measure.

The ride has been propped on larger wheels than stock, 23-inch front, 21-inch rear, in their turn sitting under custom fenders. It's also got a large and fat handlebar up front, making it look like some horned beast.

The entire thing was then wrapped in a special hue of blue to be reminiscent of the Blue Denim deployed on the anniversary Fat Boy. The paint job, as usual when it comes to Thunderbike builds, is the work of Ingo Kruse.

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