Jamie Oliver's Land Rover Discovery is the ultimate cooking machine

4 years, 11 months ago - 10 October 2017, Autoblog
Jamie Oliver's Land Rover Discovery is the ultimate cooking machine
Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations has created some pretty impressive machines, such as the Jaguar XE Project 8, and the upcoming Land Rover Discovery SVX.

The company's latest project is a bit different, focusing not on high-performance driving, but on high-performance cooking. It's a Discovery commissioned by British chef Jamie Oliver, and the Land Rover team crammed cooking essentials absolutely everywhere.

Where most of the cooking will happen is at the back, where a large kitchen countertop slides out from the cargo area. It features cooking space, two gas burners and a sink. It has an array of storage cubbies, and it also features one of many automotive themed accessories, a salt and pepper shaker inspired by the shifter dial. It even has the PRNDS settings in which "P" releases pepper, "N" closes it up, and "S" on the far right provides the salt (S indicates "sport" on the real shifter). The countertop is a good place to leave the mortar and pestle designed to look like a piston and connecting rod, too. And anyone not helping with the cooking can watch something on the 40-inch TV at the end of the counter.

Moving into the hatch area, we find that there is a vinegar and olive oil dispenser in the tailgate. It comes down on a hose, and the handle is made from a turn signal stalk. Behind the glass on either side of the hatch are two different things. On the left is a spice rack, on the right is a live herb garden. They're accessed by lift-up panes of glass.

Up at the driver's seat is a handy piece of equipment if you need your breakfast on the go. In the center console is a two-slot toaster. Your toast can then be covered with one of three jams that's hidden behind the climate control panel. You could also use some of the fresh made butter using one of the three 5-quart butter churns mounted to the wheels of the Discovery. And though we wouldn't recommend it with toast, or as breakfast, there's a 5-quart ice cream maker on the fourth wheel. All of the wheel mounted accessories do use the motion of the wheel to produce their dairy products.

Under the hood, there's a slow cooker. It has some nice automotive elements as well. The handle on the lid looks like a fluid cap and it has a logo on it that looks very much like a Castrol oil logo. But what it actually says is "Cassarole." Finally, at the very front, there's a power take-off behind the Land Rover badge. This can be used to power either a pasta cutter or a rotisserie. The rotisserie can also be used with a fold out barbecue grill that features the same pattern as the car grille.

Obviously, this Land Rover won't be produced in mass quantities. Besides the complexity and cost, we imagine JLR's legal department would lose their minds at the thought of having a toaster anywhere in any car. But it certainly is a cool one-off. And if you want to see more of the Discovery, Land Rover mentions that Oliver will use it in a three-part YouTube series on his Food Tube channel.

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