Kangaroo is Giugiaro's EV all-terrain supercar — they even call it an SUV

4 years ago - 10 March 2019, Autoblog
Kangaroo is Giugiaro's EV all-terrain supercar — they even call it an SUV
All-wheel drive and adjustable ride height, plus supple leather

So many times there have been new, obvious SUVs that the manufacturer insists are coupes. But the universe seems to be balancing itself out, since Giugiaro has now introduced a supercar concept that it says is an SUV.

Created by GFG Style, a joint venture of father and son Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro and shown at the Geneva Motor Show, the Kangaroo is an electric supercar designed for all terrains. It's based on an aluminum spaceframe construction, with a carbon fiber body on top. The wings are made out of polycarbonate to achieve weight savings. No mirrors are fitted, but rear-view cameras provide imagery on the car's screens. The center console is dominated by a large touchscreen, but to provide a feeling of luxury, the interior is full of Poltrona Frau leather.

As expected, and visible from the photos, the Kangaroo's ride height can be adjusted. The lowest setting in the 4.7-inch adjustment range is the Racing mode, where the car hunkers to the ground. Above that is Road for regular road use, and the highest setting is the 10.2-inch-tall Off-Road mode. Wheel camber is also adjusted when the ride height is changed, so that the handling characteristics best suit the occasion. The suspension comprises a hydraulic system with adjustable three-way shock absorbers; the two lower modes are stiffer, single-sprung, and the Off-Road mode offers better comfort by using two springs per corner.

There's AWD and four-wheel steering, and the two 240-hp electric motors give a combined 480 hp and 922 lb-ft of torque. The 90 kWh battery pack provides a stated 280-mile range; the 0-62 mph acceleration is managed in just 3.8 seconds. As well as the running prototype, GFG is showing a clay model and a tracked version to show the vehicle's off-road intent.

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