Peugeot's 208 redesign leaks ahead of Geneva reveal

3 years, 11 months ago - 25 February 2019, Autoblog
Peugeot's 208 redesign leaks ahead of Geneva reveal
The all-new 208 is getting an electric variant

Between 1983 and 1998, for 15 years, Peugeot built the 205 hatchback. It was wildly successful, over 5 million were built, and ever since the last 205 rolled off the plant premises Peugeot has hoped to replicate the impact the little hatch had on the market. Newer models have matched and beat the 205 in numbers, as the 1998-on 206 is still being made after over 8 million units, but the 205 is the truly iconic Peugeot hatch that saved the brand's bacon back in the day.

A few years back, Peugeot froze its naming convention and went with "08" for the foreseeable future. Now, the 2011-on 208 hatchback is about to enter its second generation, and the new model is about to be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show soon. As it turns out, the images are already out there thanks to a photo leak, reported by Carscoops.

The all-new 208 will be offered as an EV in addition to fossil-fuel-powered versions, as we can see a blue hatch being charged in a public spot. The headlights have grown similar fangs to the 508 saloon, and the model number is similarly displayed on the front, above the lion badge. Underneath the license plate is the adaptive cruise radar. The side profile instantly makes us think of the classic 205, as the C-shape of the rear window and the pillar is clearly modeled after it. It's a knowing nod without looking forcedly retro.

The interior is far from a bare-bones city car cabin, as the two-layer dashboard reminds us more of a supercar's dash. There's a large touchscreen extending toward the driver, and like on other recent Peugeot products, the gauge cluster is positioned above the smallish steering wheel instead of having the gauges visible through the wheel; there's also an interesting design to the digital cluster, as it has a handle-like shape to the frame. The automatic gearshift is also reminiscent of the 508's shifter.

Carscoops says the 208 EV's range will be around 186 miles WLTP, with a 134-horsepower electric motor and a 50kWh battery pack. We also expect there to be a 208 GTI model with plenty more power and torque than the original 105-130-horsepower 205 GTI; what is important is Peugeot's ability to also nail the handling.

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