Scrambled Honda NX650 Dominator Is a Matter of Dual-Sport Genes and Bespoke Eye Candy

7 months ago - 30 August 2022, autoevolution
Honda NX650 Dominator
Honda NX650 Dominator
Basically, the Dominator is to custom motorcycle builders what a blank canvas was to Van Gogh.

It’s no secret that HB-Custom's Holger Breuer has a bit of an affinity for the NX650 Dominator nameplate, as what we’re about to look at is his third project revolving around Honda’s famed dual-sport. The chosen donor was a 1994 exemplar equipped with 17-inch wheels, which just so happened to fit Holger’s vision perfectly.

To kick off the customization process, he wrapped those very hoops in a set of dual-purpose TKC 80 tires from Continental. Although the NX650’s forks and Brembo brakes were left pretty much unchanged, the same can’t be said for its rear suspension setup. That’s where you’ll find a top-shelf YSS shock absorber replacing the OEM component.

Herr Breuer kept things simple when it came to the running gear, but he spared absolutely no effort or expense in the powertrain sector. As part of the HB-Custom treatment, the Dominator’s 644cc thumper received new valves, bearings, and piston rings, along with a fresh timing chain and a modern electronic ignition system.

The clutch was refurbished to ensure it’ll perform seamlessly, and the stock carburetor’s been replaced with a Mikuni TM40 module. K&N air filtration hardware rounds out the intake side of things, while the exhaust gases are routed through tailor-made pipework. The plumbing was put together using parts from a CRF250 and an XR600.

After he’d gotten rid of the NX650’s factory attire, Holger busied himself with retrofitting a Yamaha XT500’s fuel tank atop the main frame. Furthermore, the bodywork affair continues with a set of high-mounted fenders and angular side panels built in-house.

Glancing at the rear end, we spot a handmade subframe topped with black saddle upholstery, and lighting is provided by LED componentry at both poles. Magura supplied a fair chunk of the items found in the cockpit, including the handlebar, throttle, and control levers. Finally, the bike’s instrumentation comprises a single digital dial from Motogadget’s inventory.

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