VW T-Cross Shows Off Voluminous Cargo Area In Latest Teaser

4 years, 9 months ago - 14 August 2018, motor1
VW T-Cross Shows Off Voluminous Cargo Area In Latest Teaser
It can swallow all the gear for two hockey players, which is impressive for the segment.

Volkswagen's latest teaser for the upcoming T-Cross sub-compact crossover shows that while this SUV has a tiny footprint, it can still carry lots of stuff. In a new video, VW enlists a pair of hockey players with Grizzlys Wolfsburg team to prove that the model can swallow all of their gear.

The T-Cross features an adjustable bench seat in the rear. When all the way back to maximize legroom, there are 13.6 cubic feet (385 liters) of cargo space in the back. Sliding it forward increases the area in the back to as much as 16.07 cubic feet (455 liters). The 60:40 split seatbacks also fold flat to boost the room in the back to 45.24 cubic feet (1,281 liters). For even more room, the front passenger seat backrest can also tip backward.

The T-Cross rides on the MQB A0 platform from the Polo. However, it features a higher ride height, and raised seats offer a 23.5-inch (597-mm) sitting position height in front and 25.67 inches (652 mm) in the back for a more elevated view of the road.

The powertrain range will also likely come from the Polo. Buyers will probably be able to pick from a gas-fueled 1.0-liter three-cylinder and 1.5-liter four-cylinder or a 1.6-liter turbodiesel. It's not yet clear whether all-wheel drive might be available or if the T-Cross would be a purely front-drive machine.

VW will unveil the T-Cross in full this fall, and the little SUV will go on sale in spring 2019. The automaker's execs believe the model is too small to appeal to buyers in the United States and Canada, but buyers in Europe, China, South America, and India can look forward to driving one.

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