Aston Martin CEO Pokes Fun At Dyson With V12 Vacuum Tweet

4 years, 12 months ago - 2 October 2017, motor1
Aston Martin CEO Pokes Fun At Dyson With V12 Vacuum Tweet
All of the sudden, vacuum cleaners are no longer boring.

Vacuum cleaners are about as exciting as any other home appliance, but Aston Martin is attempting to change that by unveiling a different type of a V12 model. It goes without saying this is just a bit of harmless fun company CEO Andy Palmer is having in light of Dyson's announcement this week to branch out and work on an EV.

The attached render was posted by Aston Martin's head honcho on his personal Twitter account just hours after the important news from Dyson, so AM must have known about this beforehand and had the time to work on the render. Unless the person responsible for the hypothetical V12 sketched the vacuum cleaner in a matter of hours after learning about Dyson's electric vehicle project.

We won't be too surprised if some time from now there is going to be an Aston Martin-branded vacuum cleaner. The company already has a wide variety of products outside the automotive spectrum, ranging from pens and clothes to furniture and watches. It was only this week when the company unveiled a speedboat and a submersible, so anything is possible. We certainly wouldn't mind keeping our homes spotless by using this swanky vacuum cleaner, but unfortunately it only exists in the digital realm, for now...

While Aston Martin has a nice selection of V8 and V12 sports cars, Dyson is selling its own V6 and V8 models, but don't get your hopes up too high because these are just cordless vacuum cleaners available for about $300 and $600, respectively. As for the zero-emissions car set to have a radical exterior design, it's due to come out around 2020 following a massive $2.7-billion investment, with half of the money going into the development of solid state batteries.

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