Of course the Aston Martin AM37 speedboat is fast and beautiful

5 years, 4 months ago - 28 September 2017, Autoblog
Of course the Aston Martin AM37 speedboat is fast and beautiful
We told you last week about the new Porsche-designed 115-foot yacht. On a slightly smaller scale in terms of LOA — but on at least the same scale of opulence — is the Aston Martin AM37 speedboat that debuted this week at the Monaco Boat Show.

The 37-footer (hence the name) has been in R&D for two years. Designed by Aston Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman working with with naval architect Mulder Design and Dutch shipbuilder Quitessence Yachts, it promises bespoke design with state-of-the-art marine technology.

It's designed to carry six passengers and two crew members, and each interior is custom outfitted.

Reichman used the same "golden ratio" employed in all kinds of art and architecture — and in the design of Aston Martin cars. A single piece of curved glass wraps around the cockpit, and the decks are natural teak. The boat on display in Monaco was outfitted with cream-colored leather. The electrically controlled cockpit cover can be deployed from the lucky owner's Apple Watch.

Forbes magazine has more photos of that particular boat, and reports that Aston plans to build just 10 of these per year.

The AM37 costs $1.6 million. So maybe you can get one to serve as a tender to your $16.7 million Porsche yacht.

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