U.S. Authorities Eyeing Russian Banking Boss’ $65M Limited-Edition Luxury Toy

9 months, 2 weeks ago - 9 June 2022, autoevolution
Sea Rhapsody
Sea Rhapsody
A new round of sanctions recently announced by the U.S. Treasury Department brought to the forefront more luxury yachts believed to belong to Russian oligarchs, even though the formal ownership might look different on paper.

One of them is the stunning Sea Rhapsody, linked to an infamous banking magnate.

As the head of one of Russia’s most important banks, which also happens to sponsor the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sochi, it’s not surprising that the millionaire Andrei Kostin is fond of luxury toys such as superyachts and private jets. A few years ago, this passion became the object of a huge scandal after the famous activist Alexei Navalny revealed the outrageous luxuries enjoyed by top-tier officials. Kostin had allegedly appropriated a private jet and a yacht for a well-known journalist who is reportedly his girlfriend.

At the same time, the head of the VTB Bank is believed to be the owner of a jaw-dropping limited-edition Amels 212 called Sea Rhapsody. At 215 feet (65.5 meters), it can accommodate up to ten guests and boasts not just one but two master suites. With impressive features such as a generous jacuzzi, a well-equipped gym, and a fabulous main salon with a grand piano, Sea Rhapsody was one of the top-level luxury charter yachts, with weekly rates going up to $500,000.

That was until the war in Ukraine led to unprecedented sanctions against Russian oligarchs and their luxury toys. Sea Rhapsody has gone dark soon after the initial sanctiones were made public, but data from vessel tracking platforms shows that apparently, it hasn’t left Seychelles, which was its last known location.

But with the U.S. authorities now officially eyeing this limited-edition pleasure craft, things might change. An impressive number of Russian superyachts has traveled to the safe havens of Turkey over the past months. Trying to reach a safer destination wouldn’t be an issue for this powerful superyacht that can cover more than 5,000 nautical miles (5,750 miles/9,260 km).

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