BMW is teasing its Vision iNext electric crossover concept

4 years, 6 months ago - 5 September 2018, Autoblog
BMW is teasing its Vision iNext electric crossover concept
It goes on a global press tour next week

BMW has released a pair of brief teaser clips giving us hints of the front and rear of its forthcoming Vision iNext electric vehicle concept, showing a sleek crossover with an exaggerated and illuminated version of the brand's signature twin-kidney grille.

We first heard about the Vision iNext back in 2016 as a plug-in, fully autonomous vehicle planned for 2021, though more recent reports have suggested it may offer level 3 autonomy, where the car may alert the human that it needs to take over the controls. It's based on the Vision Next 100 concept.

The new, darkened teasers vids focus on the rear and, more recently, the front ends of the iNext. The former gives us the most fleeting of views of the rear fascia, with narrow LED tail lights and an apparently matte paint finish. The latter gives us a look at the headlights, which are similarly narrow and sinister looking, plus the aforementioned grille, which looks cartoonish outlined in blue light amid the crossover's sleek-looking profile, and which is largely decorative, since this is an EV, after all.

BMW is partnering with Lufthansa Cargo to outfit a Boeing 777F to fly the concept car around the world to show it to auto journalists, starting Sept. 9, when it'll depart Munich for the Big Apple, San Francisco and Beijing before heading back to Frankfurt on Sept. 14. So we'll know much more next week.

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